Well Sourced Goods

Well Sourced Goods: Local Residential and Commercial Water Delivery

Delivering great tasting, healthy Crazy Water to your home or business.

Your North Texas source for delivering the greatest water on Earth.

Easy and Convenient

Signing up for water delivery is a breeze. Tell us who you are and where you want it and we will bring Crazy Water right to your door.


Getting water delivered saves you money, as much as a 40% discount. We take the time and hassle out of stocking the water cooler.

Custom Variety

We offer you choices! 4 different levels of Crazy, and many size options give you endless (21) possibilities! 


At Indigo Yoga, our classes are practiced in a 100-degree room with very high humidity. Dehydration is always a factor, so we encourage our students to drink Crazy Water to improve their yoga practice and overall health. And they love it!


Owner of Indigo Yoga
Brian Johnson drinks Crazy Water

We all deserve not only pure water, but mineral-dense water – that’s Crazy Water.

Brian Johnson

Owner of The Movement Standard
Juliann Johnson drinks Crazy Water

Water is something that everyone has to drink every day, so why not drink the best? And I believe Crazy Water is the absolute best. It’s naturally infused by the Earth.  I’m all about that.

Juliann Faucette Johnson

Professional Volleyball Player
CJ Wilson drinks Crazy Water

Being in the heat all Summer long has given me the opportunity to experiment with different brands of water over the years, and I feel like the minerals in Crazy Water really help replenish what I lose on the field.

C.J. Wilson

Former Texas Rangers Baseball Pitcher
Mike Modano drinks Crazy Water

I discovered Crazy Water a few years ago when I was playing for the Dallas Stars. I love the health benefits and the way it kept me hydrated during training and after games.

Mike Modano

U.S. Hockey Legend

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